Department of Early Education and Care Licensing Review

Department of Early Education and Care Licensing Review

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts 

Department of Early Education and Care

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VISIT NARRATIVE - 02/05/2019
Umbrella: Chamberlain International School
Executive Director: Scott Davignon
I. Activity Summary

Licensing renewal visits were made on 3/28/19, 3/29/19 and 4/3/19 with Licencors Tracey Medeiros and Kathy Perry. A fullreview of activities included interviews with the Executive Director, Program Director, Assistant Program Directors, Director of Residential Life, Nursing staff, Clinical staff, Residential Supervisor's, Direct Care Staff and observation/interview of residents. In addition, a review of staff and resident's records, review of logs, inspection of the facility, and multipleobservation of daily activities across residences. An exit interview was conducted on 4/3/19. 


II. Program Synopsis
Visit# 081848
Provider Name: Chamberlain International School
Program Director: Scott Davignon
Address Visited: 1 PLEASANT ST, Middleboro, MA 02346-1101
Provider #: 400332
License #: 9028487
Capacity : 91
Expiration Date: 02/18/2019
Ages Served: 11 - 21
Program Type: Group Care
Characteristics of Children Served:
Awake Ratio: 1:4
Asleep Ratio: 1:6


Visit# 081847
Provider Name: Chamberlain International School
Program Director: Scott Davignon
Address Visited: 17 PROSPECT ST, Middleboro, MA 02346-1823
Provider #: P-171609
License #: 9028480
Capacity : 18
Expiration Date: 02/18/2019
Ages Served: -
Program Type: Group Care
Awake Ratio: 1:4
Asleep Ratio: 1:6

III. Updates and Changes
Since the last licensing renewal there have been changes in the administration. Scott Divignon has assumed the role of Program Director, he was previously in the Chamberlain School administration. Jodie Cantara is now the
Assistant Program Director and was also in the school setting. Both come with an understanding of the needs of the children and the operations of Chamberlain. Lisa Reid is now in a Quality Assurance role. According to the staff and residents thesechanges have been welcomed and are a benefit to the program. Chamberlain has closed the Prospect Street location temporarily while repairs are made.
The program currently has 65 residents ages 13- 21 years old. Chamberlain continues to receive referrals through private sources and does not take referrals from DCF. Rate reconstruction has been submitted and approval is awaiting. Requests inthis proposal have been made for BCBA therapists, Guidance Counselors, Job Coaches and more Clinical staff as well as rate increases to all positions to meet the needs of the residents and staff.
Chamberlain continues to integrate the children into the community through the local YMCA, theater, food pantry and job employment and coaching. Some youth are beginning college preparation and the program is seeking to expand its transition to independent living model in the coming year.
The program has had an increase in referrals for transgender youth and have increased training and support services for this population. Partnership with community providers has been able to support the various complex needs of the children in their care. Staff in various roles reported that having more employees would be beneficial so they may provide more one-on-one time with residents and support the clinical/family needs of the children in the program.Salaries were mentioned as being low and many have not received a raise or provided opportunity for growth. It is the administrations objective to provide increases and opportunities with rate reconstruction. .
In this renewal period the program had several complaints and investigations which delayed the process. Through corrective action planning the program has developed new policies and procedures and increased training to all staff. The program continues to evolve and assess areas of improvement to ensure good quality of care to the residents.

IV. Corrective Action Required

Regulation  3.10(07) and Statement of Non-Compliance

Communication logs cannot contain black areas and
scribble marks. A single strike through with initials is
acceptable. Technical assistance is given to provide
more content in communication logs to ensure all
activity is captured. Sample documentation was


Several residences were observed to have torn carpet,
broken refrigerator doors and old/broken furniture that
is need of repair or replacement.


Documentation of supervision is not current. Routine
supervision is occurring but needs to be accompanied
by documentation.


V. Technical Assistance / Comments
Technical Assistance provided during the visit
Visit #081848 Regulation 3.08(03)(c) Med storage Best practice is suggested for narcotics to be triple locked. Visit #081848   Regulation 3.08(07)(a) Living UnitsThe program has made several repairs and upkeep has been maintained. Technical assistance is given to ensure this process is across all houses. Visit# 081848 Regulation 14.13 Discretionary BRC Technical assistance is provided to include more detail in discretionary reviews.

Additional Comments 3.07(03)(b) Programming Children were observed to be engaged in themilieu and attend to. Youth report feeling supported in the program and understanding of program expectations.3.06(07) Recreational Services Children are provided with recreational services both within the program setting and in the community 3.07(07)(a) Behavior Management Staff and residents report a strength based approach within the program 3.05(02)(d)03 Residents aware of rules Residents are aware of rules and expectations within the program.3.10(01) Resident Records Resident records were thorough and contained all relevant information pertinent to the youths care 3.04(03)(h) Incident Reports Incident reports were completed within appropriate time frames.3.06(04)(k) Medication Medication administration was observed. Nursing staff and residents were engaged and medication distribution was supported by reviewing thorough documentation. 3.04(05)(i) Substantial program changes The program has a new Program Director since the last renewal.3.05(04) Service Planning Treatment plans are thorough with measurable and attainable goals.3.07(01) Role of child care staff Staff demonstrated knowledge of each residents specific needs, program expectations and were observed to be positively engaged with the residents.3.07(03)(b) Programming See visit #081848


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